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 Rules of the Forum

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Hotaru the Firefly

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:00 pm

Okay, I'll put some rules up. I expect them to be followed, please. Let's keep this forum friendly.

1 ) Please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and whatnot. I really don't want to see text-speak or lack of punctuation or capitalization. It makes it more difficult for other users to read what you type. A few spelling mistakes are fine, because everyone slips up, but if you misspell most of your words, please fix it. If it's a special case (you don't speak English as your native language and you're still learning, etc.), you may ask me to go over and correct your posts. But really, try to spell properly.

2 ) Don't spam. Spamming is cruel. It will block other topics and annoy a lot of people. This includes double-posting (posting topics or replies more than once), trolling, and chain mail/letters (Repost to _____ topics/places or you'll die posts).

3 ) Do not hate. This means you should respect all ships, fandoms, shows, or anything that someone may like. If a person ships something that you personally do not, please don't reply saying that their ship is awful.

4 ) Don't steal art or stories. If you love some fanart that was made, by all means, share it. But don't claim it as your own unless you actually drew it/wrote it.

5 ) Be respectful. Please don't start fights or be a troublemaker. I want this forum to be friendly and welcoming.

6 ) If someone is breaking a big rule or trying to cause trouble, please ignore them. Instead of responding and reminding them that they aren't allowed to do that, message a moderator or an admin.

7 ) Do not swear/cuss. I will not tolerate bad language. If you break this rule, you will receive a warning the first and second times. Do it a third time, and I will deactivate your account for a week. If you break this rule within a month of reactivation, you'll receive another warning. Once more and you will be deactivated for a longer period of time. I am putting this rule up not because this forum is aimed for children (It isn't), but because this is a forum for fandom discussion, not bad language.

However: If there's a specific quote from a book that contains a bad word, the rule doesn't apply (Unless the quote has sexual content in it).

For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, during the final Battle, Bellatrix almost hits Ginny with a curse. Mrs. Weasley is angered and shouts, “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!”

It's okay to quote that.

8 ) ABSOLUTELY NO SEXUAL CONTENT AND/OR EXTREME GORE. Keep it PG-13/TV-14, please. I don't think this rule needs to be explained. If you break this rule, there's no warning. Banning is in order.

Now, if it's Ecchi (Light sexual undertones; this is an anime term), and it's not too bad, I'll let it slide. But if it goes over the edge a bit, I'll tell you. Things that are unacceptable are: nudity (or in just underwear, for girls*), pornographic content, extremely gory or graphic material, and hate mail.

9 ) Listen to mods and admins, please. If you aren't following the rules and you are given a warning, listen to it. If you repeatedly ignore rules and those enforcing them, things could get bad. You could be deactivated for (at most) two months or banned, if it's really bad.

10 ) Have fun and be polite.

*For anime guys, I'll make an exception. This doesn't mean nudity. Since Gray from Fairy Tail walks around in his underwear most of the time, it's okay to post a picture. But don't spam everything with Gray in his underwear. I wouldn't mind a shirtless Gray though

I think that's it. Follow these rules and we'll all get along.

Now, about that shirtless Gray
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Rules of the Forum
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